Snoring and his treatment

Once snoring was considered a sign of Bogatyr’s health, then – the cause of family conflicts, and now such people are strongly recommended to undergo medical examination by an otorhinolaryngologist. Recently, to solve this difficult problem, special doubtful laboratories have been actively opened on the basis of research institutes and ENT centers, allowing to fully examine patients with snoring problems. Correctly, the diagnosis of snoring is called ronchopathy.

Snoring and his treatment

Undoubtedly, snoring is a phenomenon, the uniqueness of which lies in the fact that “snoring” does not hear its own sounds, but those around you “enjoy” the night concert to the full extent. At the same time, the sounds that are made at night have a very low frequency, unpleasant to the human ear.

As a rule, people try to get rid of snoring solely out of love for their neighbors, believing that they are absolutely healthy. But it is not so: snoring makes it difficult to ventilate both lungs and brain, creating a lack of oxygen in the blood, and it not only prevents sleep, but also creates the conditions for the emergence of cardiovascular and nervous system pathology. But everything is in order.

Breathe – do not breathe

Snoring and his treatment

Difficulty in breathing may result from several problems of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx. A person may snore because of a narrow nasal passageway, post-traumatic or congenital septal curvature, the presence of large polyps in the nasal cavity, an increase in the size of the lower nasal shells, which leads to nasal congestion and leads to the development of chronic rhinitis.

In case of alcohol intoxication, almost all muscles lack tone, including the palate, which is why the soft palate relaxes and sags, and as a result, a terrible snoring.

At excess weight, people are also doomed to snoring, because due to the increase in fatty tissue in the neck, there is compression of soft tissues of the throat and a decrease in laryngeal and laryngeal lumen. The use of nicotine leads to severe irritation of the mucous membrane of the larynx and throat, burning and irritating it. The resulting swelling of the mucous membrane narrows the larynx and throat lumen, as well as greatly reduces the tone of the throat muscles, so smokers are likely to snore.

But the biggest trouble for snoring is the syndrome of obstructive apnea or sudden stop of breathing in your sleep for several tens of seconds or even minutes. Sometimes it happens up to 40-50 per night. And each case is very stressful for the body. After all, at this moment there is an acute lack of oxygen in the heart muscle tissues (myocardium), which disrupts the heart rhythm, hypertension develops, which may even lead to myocardial infarction.

It is important to note that a person does not feel rested after sleep, wakes up with a strong headache, and sometimes in cold sweats.