Otorhinolaryngology: who is an otolaryngologist and what does he treat?

Otolaryngologist or otorhinolaryngologist – a doctor who treats diseases of the ears, nose, larynx (maxillary sinusitis, otitis). He is called “doctor of the ear-noses” or doctor lor, which is the same thing.

Such diseases are very common and worrying for every person, which leads to great demand for doctors of this specialty.

Who is ENT

Otorhinolaryngology: who is an otolaryngologist and what does he treat?

The incomplete name of the specialty of laryngotorhinologist is ENT and it is widely known among the people. ENT is considered an abbreviation for the word “laryngotorhinologist”.

A doctor otorhinolaryngologist dealing with diseases of the nose is called a rhinologist.
Otorhinolaryngologist engaged in ear diseases, is called otologue.
Doctors treating laryngeal diseases are called laryngologist.
Other otolaryngologists are engaged in reconstructive surgery of the ears, nose, and larynx.
Otolaryngologist must work in certain situations and as a therapist. He must continuously improve his knowledge of the economics of medicine.

There is also an otholaryngologist who specializes in surgery. He practices on the removal of various formations in the neck, nose, ears, correction of nasalized septum.

The main sciences that study the head and neck: audiology and speech abnormality, immunobiology, endocrinology and otorhinolaryngology.

Reasons for accessing the ENT

Otorhinolaryngology: who is an otolaryngologist and what does he treat?

It is necessary to visit a doctor when the following symptoms appear:

  • sudden hearing loss, a feeling of pain in the ear;
  • the ear began to swell, there were emissions with purulent effect, deafness or hearing loss;
  • larynx became ill, tonsils blushed;
  • nasty breath;
  • the voice disappeared for a long time;
  • rhinitis, pain and pressure where the nose is;
  • snoring and allergies;
  • stopping or obstructing nasal breathing;
  • a modification of the sense of smell;
  • pain in the upper jaw, temples, nose;
  • pain that occurs in the eyes and forehead area;
  • an increase in lymph nodes near the ears, the larynx;
  • constant headaches, the appearance of blood from the nose.

When such signs appear, a consultation with ENT doctors is simply necessary. Launched ENT diseases turn into an acute form up to the threat to the most important human organs, on which life depends.

It is not recommended to treat yourself, and otolaryngologist warns about it in any clinic. Those who do not understand this risk their health.

What is the treatment of ENT

In the otolaryngologist’s office, which is equipped with everything necessary, the following treatment is performed:

  • Allergy: its treatment with medications, immunotherapy or notification of the patient about methods of avoidance.
  • Orthopraxy: multifunctional surgical removal of strange face, neck and ears.
  • Head and neck: tumors in the neck, sinuses, mouth and throat.
  • Laryngology: laryngeal diseases, difficulties with voice.
  • Otology: different areas to treat ears, their injuries, infections, tumors.

Children’s otorhinolaryngology: conclusion about children, treatment of their ENT diseases.
Doctors can perform a stapedectomy (to eliminate deafness).

They explore ways of surgical healing and prevention of diseases, the appearance of some formations, diseases of the ears, respiratory system, face, jaws.