FBS Sugar levels

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Check with your health plan to see if it will pay for your glucose meter. If so, your plan can only pay for a certain counter, says Dr. Slinkin.Wash your hands and dry them out before testing. Use a gasket of alcohol to clean the area you are about to be poked. For most glucose meters, you will prick your fingertip. However, with some meters, you can also use the forearm, thigh, or fleshy part of your hand. Ask your doctor which area you should use with your meter.Hit yourself with a sterile lance to get a drop of blood FBS. (If you have pierced the tip of your finger, it may be easier and less painful to pierce it on one side rather than on the pillow.

If your plan does not have a glucose counter, ask your doctor which counter he recommends. Go shopping and compare your expenses. Think about which functions are important to you. For example, some counters are made for people with poor eyesight. If you want to pay a little more money, you can get a counter that stores the results in its memory. This will allow you to compare the results for several days at a time. Other counters can be connected to a computer to analyze the results, says Mr. Denis.

How do you measure blood sugar levels FBS?

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Follow your doctor’s recommendations and the instructions that come with the glucose meter. In general, you will follow the instructions below. Different blood glucose meters work differently, so make sure you ask your doctor for advice specifically for you. If you have severe diabetes, constant monitoring of your blood sugar level may be an appropriate option. These systems use a sensor located under the skin that continuously measures your blood sugar level FBS. Some insurance programs are starting to cover these monitors.